Dear Members.

Amendment No.2.3 was introduced by the ETCI with an Implementation date of the 4th of March 2016.

The CER modified the definition of “Controlled Works” in the update to the Criteria Document. (V.3. 26/04/2016).

The installation of Lifestyle choice prepayment meters has now been brought under Controlled Works and will have to be Certified using the “New” No.3 Cert which will be available from the Regulatory Body (RECI) FROM 09/05/2016.

The implementation date will be from 23/05/2016.

The No.3 Cert will be a Non-DSO cert and will also be required for installation work /alterations etc. where no DSO (ESBN) involvement will be required.

A No.3 Cert will have to be returned to RECI / Safe Electric complete with a Test Record Sheet in all cases (including minor works).

Please read these documents carefully as it is your own interest to be familiar with both the ETCI Amendment & the modified definition of Controlled Works.