Course Overview

1- Day Training Course in Testing

Contractors attending V & C Courses over the past three years have frequently indicated that a basic Course on Testing would be of benefit to electricians who may not wish to become Qualified Certifier but who have not had much opportunity to use Test Instruments since their time in ANCO/FAS/ Solas.

A concentrated hands-on Course in testing would give these Electricians the knowledge to correctly test installations which they have carried out and would also give them confidence in their own ability should they wish at some later date to do the full V & C Accredited Course and obtain a Qualified Certifier Number.

In light of the repeated suggestions from Contractors that such a Course would be of benefit to the industry as a whole, ECSSA has put together a 1-Day Course where the concentration is on practical hands-on Testing, including some Tests not included in the present V & C Course.

It will concentrate on what to test, how to test and what test results should be regarded as acceptable in various scenarios.

The Course will also include a section in the testing of electric motors, single and 3 Phase, fault finding and discussion on any particular electrical issue which a Participant wants to raise.

Courses will take place initially in the ECSSA Training Centre in Killarney and will run from 10am to 5pm.

See Dates listed below.

Should the initial demand indicate that these Courses be rolled out on a nationwide basis, other centres will be identified based on demand.

The Course cost per Participant is 200 Euros and will include a specially prepared booklet giving practical hints on correct Testing Methods, Technical Data on Cables, Protective Devices, Motor Currents and other information in relation to testing.

It is important to point out that this is not a substitute for the Accredited V & C Course and will not lead to the issue of any Award other than a Certificate of Attendance.

Rather it is a practical Course which extracts from the V & C Course the most relevant points and adds in other areas of benefit to the practicing Electrician who needs to test his work while in progress and at the completion of the job.

This is a ONE DAY Course and will run from 10am to 5pm.


  1. Current Edition of ET101 & Amendments
  2. Calibrated Test Instruments (You must be familiar with your own Test Instruments)

NOTE: Notification of Non Attendance at a Course received by ECSSA less than 36hours before the Course Date will entail the loss of 50% of the Course Fee

Dates and Locations
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No Dates currently available Killarney ECSSA

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€180 for Members of ECSSA (or their Employees)

€200 for Non-Members

One Day training course

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