In an era in which “Customers” or people working on their behalf, wish to supply materials or specific items (e.g. luminaires, socket outlets switches etc.) the REC responsible for the Electrical Installation should exercise caution.


In the case of cables the REC should ensure that cables provided to him / her comply with an Irish (I.S.) or European (EN) standard.

Reference should be made to Annex 52D of the current edition of the National Wiring Rules ET101 which indicates acceptable standards for cables.

For example, Harmonised cables are marked ‹HAR› with the BASEC (UK) or VDE (German) approval marks.

Cables (conductors) should also comply with colour markings as required by section 514. of ET 101.


Where socket-outlets, switches luminaires and lamps are supplied by a customer the REC should ensure the following:

  • The items comply with an “EN” standard.
  • Have a “CE” mark.
  • Have appropriate indications of Wattage, Current, Voltage and Frequency (where applicable) and Manufacturers name or logo.
  • Indicate the appropriate “IP”

In cases of some decorative luminaires, especially for installation in a bathroom or an outdoor location the REC should satisfy themselves that the “IP” rating is as indicated on the packaging etc. (There have been cases where this rating did not match manufacturers’ information).

The safest way to reduce the risk is to advise the Customer that they should only use cable & accessories manufactured by established, known and reputable Companies.

If an REC connects power to sub-standard cables, equipment or accessories, then they become responsible for the consequences of any resulting failures.